Ice Cube - Drink The Kool Aid (New Track from new album)

Joined Dec 14, 2004
Son is so underrated, that song is C R A Z Y. Son spits better than any of them new cats from the west. I don't like the jabs at Dre and Em but the Kanye and Wayne jabs were funny
Joined Jul 3, 2009
Cube is one of them cats that can diss somebody and people will not respond cuz he would destroy Wayne or Kanye anytime.

Ice Cube has stated that "being independent is beautiful because we can do things 'out the box' that record companies would usually frown at. Instead of working from a ready-made cookie-cutter marketing plan, we can tailor make a marketing plan specifically for me. I hate when rappers do dumb @*!! trying to sell a record. Going on Regis & Kelly is not going to sell you hip-hop records! Wrong crowd

This sounds good.
Joined Nov 17, 2007
cube isn't underrated he just fell off like a bad bag of dope when he caught the acting/directing/hollywood bug. then he put out watered-down non-sense. now that he's focused on just music for the first time in what seems like 2 decades he's about to start hurting some feelings. but top 5 - yeah cube is top 5 go check out his rhymes on straight outta compton - CUBE WAS 16 WHEN HE WROTE HIS INFAMOUS VERSE STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON. and check his first 3 solos - but anything after westside connections's bow down is suspect
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