Ice Cube To Start 3 on 3 Basketball League

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Joe Johnson's game didn't fit in Houston, but if the game was still like the 90's or early 2000's he would be a go to person in the NBA right now if it was still about backing someone down.
tbh he should've stayed in miami or Utah where his skills were being highlighted..he's basically Carmelo Anthony right now...i bet da lakers get him this season to fill out da roster.
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Gil got a lucky foul call to get to the line and hit the game-winning FT. :lol:

Solid comeback by Enemies. Weird to see Odom sitting week two especially after Gil was a no-show week one.
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looking forward for the walk away game winners like the good ole Wizards days :pimp:
Was hoping for one today, but there's time. The season's still young. Postgame it looked like he was going to throw his jersey in the crowd like he used cut away though.
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Tickets cost WAY too much man. I was going tk try and go up Philly but they are talking about $75. I think the cheapest ticket is $75
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Triplets squad is going to be problems, JJ & Big Al are tough together. And Pargo is sneaky nice with setting the table.

I didn’t get to see any of the CBS SN games, just watched highlights. Did they say if Q was done for the year? Just saw that Julian Wright was out there. And Maggette’s status? I thought he’d be in for this week’s game.
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