If a girl proposes to you, what would you do?

big j 33

Joined May 31, 2006
If it's Paula Patton I say yes, but I'd make the stipulation that Robin Thicke has to sing at the wedding.
Joined Apr 15, 2008
Originally Posted by gberdin

no rings just flings
although i know thats not all the way the truth with u...flings are perfect...they are like leasing a car.

Joined Mar 28, 2003
I said yes. Although, it really wasn't a proposal.............but nonetheless, been married 14 years now.
Joined Feb 11, 2010
I would SMH...... who wears the pant[ in the relationship?.....* I though I did.*
Joined Jan 9, 2007
it happened to me recently...a chic i used to be in love with, but while we were unofficial she had a baby by another dude...i dont know how to tell her, i'll NEVER feel the same way about her ever...she's in med school in new orleans and has another 7.5 yrs left and i told her there's no way i'm going to move to louisiana..
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