If I was able to survive Stage IV metasticized cancer... I should be able to survive this...

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This is what Jay : Z was trying to tell us with the song Kill Jay Z.

I can do this with every wrap song by the way.

GOD bless.

Kill Jay Z = Shawn is telling BO to reveal the truth to the nation, that he is a homosexual man... and about what really goes on in politics.

**** Jay Z = Shawn is saying that if BO reveals his truth,  the people will claim he hasn't changed because he was willing to have sex with his own "brother" (shot your own brother = have sex with your own brother). Brother is also a play on words on Chicago. BO let the murder rate increase. Shawn is also saying if BO reveals the truth, they will claim he hasn't changed because of what he let happen with the murder rate in Chicago.

He knows better = Shawn knows his actions are wrong,  because as a former 5 percenter Shawn knew that homosexuality was a sin. BO knows his actions as a leader were wrong

You gotta do better you owe it to Blue = He owes the truth to his daughter. The truth is that her father is gay,  and that her life was more of a power move than love,  since Jay Z and Beyonce more than likely never had sex. BO owes the world the truth, the Republican party the truth, and his daughters the truth

You had no father you had the armour = As a male,  Shawn was tough enough to not have the truth and guidance of a dad. BO had a complex relationship with his dad

But you got a daughter gotta get softer = Even though Blue was a power move she is still his daughter,  and she needs the truth from her father. BO has daughters, and they also need the truth

Die Jay Z,  this ain't back in the days,  you don't need an alibi Jay Z = Shawn no longer has to lie,  the truth is more acceptable now. BO no longer has to lie either, because again the truth is more acceptable

Cry Jay Z,  we know the pain is real,  but you can't heal from what you never reveal = Both are suffering from psychosomatic symptoms inside,  but both cannot heal from the pain if they do not reveal the truth

What's up Jay Z,  you know you owe the truth to all the youth that fell in love with Jay Z = BO and Shawn both owes all of the people they were lying to the truth

You got people you love you sold drugs to = Both Shawn and BO sold false truths to people they love.

You got high on the life,  that **** drugged you =  Shawn got high and profited off of the life that spreading negative messages afforded bum to live. BO got high off of the life of being boss.

You walking around like you invincible, you dropped out of school lost your principles = Shawn thinks he is invincible, but he knows he isn't. Even though he dropped out of the Five Percent Nation,  he knows what he is doing goes against his moral principles.  BO also walked around like he was invincible, forgetting about bus own Chicago principles

He is also talking about Kanye here. Dropped out of school = College Dropout the album

I know people backstab you I feel I felt bad too = backstab means Anal sex.  Shawn is telling Kanye he knows the pain... BO as well

But this **** everybody attitude ain't natural = having sex with everyone is a sin... for BO and SC

But you ain't a saint,  this ain't kumbya = Kanye you aren't a pure male like your son, and this song is not a religious song like the song kumbya 

But you got hurt because you did cool by Ye = Shawn is saying he is hurt because he was good to Kanye... BO was hurt because he did good by Chicago

You gave him twenty million without blinking = Shawn Carter gave BO twenty minutes of oral sex without blinking ... BO also gave Chicago twenty million without blinking

He gave you twenty minutes on stage,  **** was he thinking = BO gave SC twenty minutes to have anal sex with him,  what was he thinking

****  wrong with everybody is what you are saying = BO says it is wrong for Shawn to have sex with everyone 

But if everybody's crazy,  your the one that's insane = Shawn is saying that if BO thinks that literally ******* everyone is crazy,  than BO is the one that is insane

Crazy how life works... you got a nine on your test,  imagine how a knife hurts = Shawn is talking about himself performing anal sex for the first time. He is saying that it was crazy that he had to perform oral sex for the first time on a 9 inch penis,  and how he could only imagine how much anal sex would hurt. He talks about performing oral sex for the first time on the song So Ambitious on the Blueprint 3. He is also saying how BO wasn't about that life until SC turned him out

You stabbed UN over some records = BO "stabbed" the United Nations over some birth records 

Your excuse is that he was talking too wreckless = Shawn is saying that BO is saying just that,  that the UN was talking too wreckless about bus birth records

Let go of your ego over your right shoulder = Republicans are saying that BO shouldn't have to address DT,  and should have let it go

The left is saying finish your breakfast = The Democratic Party is saying satisfy your ego,  and thoroughly handle the situation 

You egged Solange on = Shawn didn't tell Solange the truth that Beyonce got pregnant by her eggs and your sperm in a lab,  and not by natural conception.  

Knowing all along you had to say you was wrong = All along all Shawn had to do was tell the truth

You almost went Eric Benet, let the baddest girl in the world get away = Shawn is saying he almost let go of the baddest catch (BO) in the world

I don't know what else to say,  ***** ,  don't  ever go Eric Benet = Shawn is telling BO to never let go of him

I don't even know what you would have done,  in the future other ****** playing football with your son = Shawn is telling BO that BO would be jealous if other men would play "football" with Shawn.  Football is another term used for anal sex in the gay community among men

You would have lost it,  13 bottles of Aces of Spades would have did the boss then = BO would have been so jealous that he would have let 13 asexual men(Ace of Spades is an asexual reference) take his virginity, instead of SC

Nah Jay Z,  Bye Jay Z = He has to tell the truth and become Shawn Carter.  

The album cover = the 4 represents Shawn Carter

The two dots and the color represent the album cover from Shawn's second album.  The two dots represent the pound of brothers on the down low.  

The 44 represents the 44th Po TUS

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You have better things to waste time on bruh... seriously

But whatever gives you comfort

Stay up Bruh

RIP sleazyy

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He gave you twenty minutes on stage, **** was he thinking = BO gave SC twenty minutes to have anal sex with him, what was he thinking


My dude got the good acid connect
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OP, congrats on surviving Stage IV "Mets" Cancer, I wish my mother had been as fortunate in February 2014. Your survival is an astonishing feat that should be celebrated and you get props from me. I went to the hospital on Feb 17, 2014 to see my mom in the ICU, by the 22nd of Feb the hospital recommended that she be moved to Hospice because all had been done and due to her age, and how frail she had become, should anything happen to her that would cause them to revive her that it is possible that they would/could expedite her death. So, on the 22nd she went to Hospice care, my immediate family came in, and several hours later on the 23rd, she went "home", three days after her 67th Birthday. So, you get props from me because surviving Mets, especially at stage 4 is a remarkable feat. I disregard the other stuff you said, there will be enough folks to come in here and discredit all of that, but as far as your cancer survival fam, otherworldly remarkable. Props.
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