If you could go back to the drawing board with ONE sig, which one would it be?


Joined Nov 13, 2009
Me, personally, would go back to the drawing board with the XVII and make the shroud more accomodating. With the way the shoe is now, it's really pointless to even have it there. It locks down the foot, sure, but it also makes the foot uncomfortable as well.

Which signature shoe would you alter?
Joined Mar 14, 2008
Most people would probably say the XV. The XV has got to be one of the worst number Jordan made IMO.
Joined Sep 16, 2006
I would simplify the overlays on the upper for the vii. The way they extend to the toe looks a bit sloppy to me.

The silhouette of the shoe looks great, but the overlays are too busy. That model, with a cleaner toe would be sweet imo.
Joined Nov 20, 2009
Ya'll are buggin

If anything needed some extra TLC it would be these...
 Comfy as hell, but cant rock 'em how I would like to.

Also, lets not forget...

Very nice CWs but just a horrible shoe.
Joined Mar 14, 2008
Mr718, to be honest, I do agree with the numbers you named. The XXIIs has plenty of potential. It just should have been executed better. The XVIIIs don't really fit in to the Jordan line to me. Like if I were looking at them when they first came out, I'd probably be like how did they come up with this idea? Or who threw this together?
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I know that there are a lot of II's coming out this year and a lot of people can't wait for it to drop but for me. I think the idea was great and all but it just lacked either technology or better execution for the shoe to be great or even a classic. To me that shoe could have been an old school classic shoe. The XVI's don't even have potential so I would prefer the II's.
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.....the XV's, XVII's are tough, but they are a narrow shoe, the 2010's, and XXI's through XXIII's (those were all horrible and I will never purchase a pair)
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I actually like the XVIII the way it is, I'd say the XV. The style is not appealing, and the on-court performance for me was less than stellar.
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Originally Posted by Mr718

Ya'll are buggin

I'm glad that someone said it. The Air Jordan XV is a beautiful shoe. I'm not one to disrespect anyone on a matter of opinion, but where were all you guys when these released??? Back in 2000 I don't recall anyone saying that these were ugly. In that year I saw more people with these than retros. This was the last sig that had any kind of life span before the retro craze took over that still hasn't ended till this day (yes kiddies, there was actually a time where people preferred the newest Air Jordan models over retros). The year 2000 was the death of sig (new models) and the golden age of the retro.
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The xv getting unfairly bashed again imo... I personally always liked the shoe.. I had the carolinas and a pair of the low tops back in the day..
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I hate the soles on the VIII's. they are just so unappealing to me. I wish they would smooth out those nasty grooves on the sides
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definitely xv's. the first sig j I had to take a back seat on. Can't see myself rocking them at all.
Joined Jul 21, 2006
The XV by far. I remember being all hyped up about the release, only to be like WTH is this when they released. I bought every Sig J there was back in the day, and when I saw the XV, I
and copped the Air Zoom GP's. I don't think Jesus could save that shoe...

The 2009 and XX2 come in right behind...
Joined Jan 2, 2007
The XV from a side shot looks really sleek and futuristic. But I can see some people not liking them. I think the design was way too bold...even perhaps to todays standards.
...but I would probably pick the XX's mainly because I never cared for the gimmicky ankle strap.
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