If you could ID a Retro colorway

Joined May 9, 2005
Now i know we all are funny towards  photoshopped pics but if you could design your own PE or whatever the case may be would you?? Feel free to post pictures

Retro2 (3M) inspired 5's
Joined Jun 27, 2007
Those blue/grey v's you ps are straight fire. Nice job man.
 Well i would love for one day the X's, XI's, and XVI's be put up on nike i.d. I have soo many great color schemes i wish jordan brand would embrace.
Joined May 10, 2011
Those 5s would sell I think.. especially with the Nike air on the back. and the blue is just beautiful
Joined Apr 8, 2008
^Even with customs, I would like having some kind of historical inspiration too. A number of Ray Allen pe's, Glove XII's or Eddie Jones IV's
Joined Oct 28, 2007
that second pair, the Vs, was shopped by BPTheOwner (sp?) here on NT...you can see his watermark. hell of a colorway.

Don't know what I would come up with....but BPs Vs that are posted would make for a good ID, ray allen white/green/yellow Seattle Vs too.
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