If you had 5 days to visit a country in Europe where would you go? Vol. Solo

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I'm goin to Manchester in late April for a month for grad school.  I'm takin an extra 15 days after I'm done to cruise around Europe solo. The first 5 days imma spend in Stockholm, the next 5 I'm goin to Amsterdam.  I dunno where to go for the last 5 days before I gotta get back to Manchester.  I already been to Rome, Paris, Nice, Barcelona, Madrid, Geneva, Athens, and the Greek Islands.  Where would yall chose to spend the last 5 days, what would you do, etc? Should I revisit one of the places I already been or should I just split all 15 days between Stockholm and Amsterdam?

-The title of this post

Thanks for the help
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I'd head to Barcelona.

Yay at you for going to Manchester, my hometown!

Just read the rest of your post... have you thought about going to Paris? Italy?
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The pothead in me says split it between Stockholm and Amsterdam.

The non-pothead in me says 5 in Stockholm, 5 in Amsterdam, and since you've been to all those other cities, either Prague or Ibiza.
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I did a week's worth of mushrooms in the 2days I was in Amsterdam so I couldnt imagine going there for 5 days.

I have always wanted to go to Prague, so that is my vote.
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I would go to Tenerife, which is one of the canary islands of Spain

Aside from the reason being that its a beautiful little island,  I also would go to see this guy play live ^
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question, americans get a lot of love over there? say im a dark lookin asian cat but lovin the women im seein...
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Originally Posted by jamergrady


i'd go there first..but i'd def travel..hit up spain, paris, england..etc etc

i wanna do a euro trip so bad...***! would be a amazing
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Munich is ok, but from what I hears Prague is the truth. I would only spend a couple if days in Amsterdam. It's a small city and could be done in 3 nights. I say go to Paris, Hamburg or Berlin.
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