If you're the GM of the Rockets, what do you do w/ T-Mac?

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-Houston has obviously advanced further without him
- He makes 20M+ next season
-He's predicted against his team before playoffs

And last night while the Rockets were fighting for their playoff lives in Houston. T-Mac was (allegedly) partying @ Crobar in Chicago w/ Antoine Walker andPleasure P.

* I can't confirm he was there, but I didnt see him on the bench last night. I know he's rehabbing in Chicago and DJ Drama had a party there lastnight....
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Keep him around, but do him like Marbury....he's off the books after next season, and that 20+ mil expiring contract is gonna be GREAT for the Rockets inthe possible BIG TIME FA class of 2010...
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let his contract expire and sign some star for 2010. if he does well when he comes back, offer him a very low contract, other wise, time to split. also, askhim to return his salary for this year

this team showed that they can win without him with yao and artest.
they got a supporting cast, now you need a healthy foundation.
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He's playing next year no matter what. There is no way to trade him.

Let him leave after his contract.
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Originally Posted by The Technodrome

in some cases you could add Yao to that list, without him they were blowing the lakers out
Well, they also won game 1 because of him.

In any case, I've gained more respect for (nearly) every Rockets player in this series. And in the same time, I've lost a lot of respect for T-Mac. Iam almost confident in saying that he's probably rooting against the Rockets' continued success.
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With that big a contract, there's not much you can do. Then you throw in his ACL injury, rehab, and there's really not much to do.

Trade T-Mac and who are they really getting back that's worthwhile? Sure, a team might trade for him for cap relief, but that team is gonna take a PR hit.See: Memphis when they traded away Pau for an expiring.

This is taking into consideration it might take a year for him to rehab. He had surgery in Feb. So that means if he gets traded, he might not even have hadplayed a game for like a year. I don't see a team trading for him. Especially with everybody getting hyped for 2010. Nobody is gonna be willing to partwith young talent, trade for T-Mac's expiring, and gamble that one of the stars come over.

Only thing the Rockets can do now is hope he rehabs well, and comes back and plays hard, since his contract is up. Help with the playoff push.

Then at the end of the season, let his number come off the book, do a sign and trade, or whatever. Cross that bridge when you have to.

Bottomline, you hold onto that $23M lotto ticket. Yao has a player option 2010 I believe so who knows, maybe he opts out, though unlikely, and the Rocketsrebuild from the ground up.
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But seriously, I'd try to trade him for this

That's about as fair of a 1-to-1 trade as you can get.
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I'd have to marybury him....Deke and Yao are hurt but they are there w/ the team cheering them on.... DJ drama's twitter might show proof he wasactually there at the club.


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Originally Posted by I NaSmatic I

Trade his %%$ for more legit help...I know there has to be a team that wants his expiring contract.
But whats the chances he brings in talent that could help us?
i say keep him, hope he rehabs well then use him in the playoffs
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Trade him to a team that has the extra cap space for a few young productive players that can score. They don't even have to be too young, but the Rocketsneed some extra scorers around.
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Originally Posted by FIRST B0RN

Send him to Oz and hope the Wizard has a heart to give him.
The Wizard can't give you anything you don't already have. So there's no hope for T-Mac lol.
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Release him...if I'm Tmac I'm going to NJ...him back with Vince could be a good look

(I got this crazy idea from my season in 2k9 lol...its seriously a good look)


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Dupe another team into taking him and his Contract. Why keep him knowing you are better off without him. The Thunder... PDX wouldn't even want him.

I say you send him to Charlotte. no real reason.. Just send him there.
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send him NY (the glue factory of nba stars
) and send AI to memphis. Keep yao in houston; rockets are staying in this series because the lakers are lazy,not because they're better without yao.
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tell him to take his time getting back and to make sure he's healthy...if he's out til jan. fine, he could really add a great facet to their offense ifhe was healthy and could focus on 4th Qtr scoring....

or trade him!
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