I'm at the hospital...

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And I can't get on facebook!  The hospital wifi has "social networking" blocked out.  I then tried to be smart and google a proxy, then boom: "proxy" is blocked out too.  Any solution my internet savvy NTers?!
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haha you're in the hospital, and your biggest concern is getting on facebook

get well, btw
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Originally Posted by oidreez

why would they have that blocked out?
Facebook is on the internet. The internet is accessed by computers. Computers are readily accessible by staff. Staff gets distracted by Facebook.

At the hospital where I work at, other sites are blocked off, too. Like Fantasy Sports on Yahoo because that's another distraction. The internet is there for looking up information, checking e-mail, and other stuff like that for the staff. But for mindless stuff like Facebook, nah, that is blocked off.

Good thing, too. Because all I'd hear while I'm on the floors or ICU would be Facebook this and Facebook that. "Did you see what _______ put on her Facebook status?"
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If you really want to get on you can try manually setting a proxy with an IP ADDRESS and Port #. For IE go to "Internet Options" for firefox go to preference > Advanced > Network.
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