Jul 22, 2003
I will be driving to Toronto in a couple of hours and I will be there until Saturday evening what are some spots , people, things to do, places to eat get at your boy.


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You might want to ask this in the Canada forum, you'll get better responses there.

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toronto is a nice city. go check out vaughan mills mall, huge @#%$ mall. if u havent been to the cn tower u should go check it out. theres more then enough places to eat since tdot is a diverse city, you can pretty much find anything to eat there.
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Eaton Centre Mall, Blue Jays game, Goodfoot, Nike ES, and mad good Indian food in Little India.
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damn i used to visit toronto all the time, they got some beautiful looking females over there...damn i would love to take a roadtrip with my friends there
hold up hold up...... first off you want to hit up yonge street thats where its crackin and its one of the longest streets int he world, do up your shoppin on bloor/yorkville, hit up lobby, a restaurant/lounge mad celebs be there on the reg... peeps the cn tower, go to a place called kindred cafe for a weed milkshake, then finish off your night at any club on richmond street or guvernment or w.e your into
Yonge street deffinately, youd want to check out Bloor street as well. Check out the skydome, CN Tower, parlament. There is a lot to do, maybe paramount Canadas wonderland, although thats a bit farther, beautiful city, my hometown, youll find plenty to do.
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Shoe wise, spadina/queen area/.
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best thing about toronto are the drugs...no lie
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A Jays Game???????? are u tryna bore him to death, if u wanna be surrouned by old people and day camps then go ahead cath a boring game

but other than that hit Yonge st, the queen, hit all the shoe spot, eaton centre,
Go to a Jays Game
Go Shopping Up & Down Queen St. Theres some hot spots
Go To Livestock which is on spadina
check out stolen riches which is down Queen St
and dunt forget bout Goodfoot on Richmond (My Fav. Store)
and if ur into clubs, theres some hot clubs downtown
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o yes and caribana nexx weekend is gonna b seriousss
and hoop it up( or 3on3) w/e they call it dis year is this weekend
Newest Raptors: Carlos Delfino & Jason Kapono
If you're coming from the States you shoulnd't have problem pulling women. My cousins swim in ***** everytime they come here.
looking for (sz 12-13):
safari dunk high
AM1 NL cement (black)
blazers (viotech/pinstripe)
sb classics
oh and take a dive in lakeshore :wink:
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