I'm Gonna Be On CLTV this Sunday live at 9.

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I entered the contest to sit in the "fans seat" and I'm gonna be on Sportspage this Sunday night. For those who don't know every Sunday night CLTV shows Sportspage, which is like a roundtable sports discussion show. They usually have about 3 or 4 panelists talking Chicago sports and national stuff too.

Anyway, the panelists this Sunday should be Lou Cannelis (host), Hub Arkush (PFW and football expert), and ABC 7's Mark Giangreco. I'm very excited.

The show's on live at 9 and the replay is at midnight this Sunday the 5th.

Thought i'd share :D

"And Still..CHI-TOWN'S FINEST, where you at, the whole CITY behind us"
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Hey, that's great news. I actually watch that show from time to time so I'll probably be watching if I don't forget.

I think you had to write in some sort of essay, right? I remember them mentioning I think last week that it was only like less than 75 people that had entered the contest so far, which surprised me since I thought more people would wanna be on TV, but I guess it makes sense since it's cltv. It's still really great that you get to do it.

So are they giving you the topics beforehand to prepare? What teams are you a fan of?
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I had to leave a 30 second voicemail of why I should be on the show. They'll call me again on Sunday afternoon to give me the exact topics and segments, but it'll be mostly Bears, Cubs, Sox, and Bulls stuff, maybe some Bonds and boxing.

I'm a hardcore Bears, Cubs, and Bulls fan, so I'll be good.
"And Still..CHI-TOWN'S FINEST, where you at, the whole CITY behind us"
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did you pass already ?
YO! Reppin Chicago!


**I move away from the mic to breathe in
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thats awesome. i actually watch this show every week. got pissed when it moved to just a weekly show instead of every night and how bloomie never shows up as a panelist...

i usually tivo the midnight showing and watch it the next day, so i'll be checkin it out when i get home.

*edit* - did your arstyle sn get banned?
Joined Jul 23, 2007
Me too Eddie, I remember Bloomie and Lou always going at it. I did ok, i was kinda nervous, but it was fun.
And yes, style got banished, not sure why, but whatever...
"And Still..CHI-TOWN'S FINEST, where you at, the whole CITY behind us"
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Send me the youtube or e-video if you can to my gmail, arog - thx
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