Im on that mandrake just reflecting on my mind state. whats yours?...... mind state that is

Joined Jun 28, 2008
Life is but a dream some people see buildings others see trees but when im blowing my weed nothing seems real to me. Quantum mechanics subtracted with an Afghan kid blown back from Russian automatics. Is it tragic or is it magic? One minute I'm sitting in front of you laughing next im inanimate. Abracadabra, life of a savage born naked and pure with the inherited dream of living lavish. If i hate on others getting theres in a way i dont agree with im seen as crabish. Momma told me I can be anything I wanna be but when its seems to great she ask me to be average. Heart on my sleeve exposed and many a bird tried to stab it. In my family I'm a outlaw like Travis but i bet if I died these %$%%%% couldn't manage. Paradoxical man wants big money in his hand but cant stand to sitdown and formulate a plan, mind racing like a ferrari driven by a sheikh over arabian sand.
 ILL pass to the next man....
Joined Mar 19, 2006
damn wise, where you been hiding man? i haven't seen you since dudes were giving you flack about this thick nasty you posted some months ago. ol' girl was thick like bur rabbit syrup. i don't know what they were tripping on.

oh and i have no response for the thread. i guess i could have sent this through pm, but oh well.
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