ima be In ATL next month HELP!!

Mar 24, 2007
YO! What's good NT!&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Me and a lot of my friends are going to be making ATL a stop in our 3 month long road trip I'm tryna figure out what to do... We are going to be at a Video Shoot at Magic City a few days there but we have to find something to do in the mean and in between!

Were staying at a hotel downtown so let me know what's around there. Were def going to Six Flags LOL! But hit me up wit some info!! Thanx!!
May 29, 2006
Well lets see... Downtown, u can hit up The Underground (shopping center underground lol) It's on Peachtree Rd (or Street?). Also on Peachtree in Buckhead (in the opposite direction of the Underground), u can hit up Lennox Square Mall, and Phipps Plaza (Phipps has a Nike Town). But Phipps and Lennox are the rich malls so if you're gonna shop, have plenty of dough. Also there is a place called Atlantic Station where you can shop and dine at plenty of restaurants (My favorite is a Fox Sports bar/grill). And of course, u can hit up SIX Flags!! I've only lived here for 2yrs, and I just got my car a few months ago, so I'm still learning my way around Downtown.

Hope this helped u out
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Jul 7, 2001
downtown you can hit up underground...but lenox is up in buckhead. also while you're downtown, hit up little five points, quite a few good stores there, head shops, etc. def hit up wish and stratosphere, stratosphere usually has a decent selection of sb's. you have to hit up the varsity on north ave as well, that's a must in atl. there's plenty of more stuff to do man, just do some research, you'll get all the info you need.
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