iMac is almost out of room.......Need an External Hard Drive help?

Joined May 24, 2002
So I have just about filled my hardrive space on my Mac and I am In the market for a 1TB hard drive, my question is I see some for $100 and some for $300 any difference? isnt storage storage?
Joined Apr 16, 2008
spend the money on a good one because i didnt and had to pay $1000+ to recover all of the data
Joined May 2, 2004
the rpm speed and cache is really the only determining factors in it as far as cost.
Joined May 1, 2006
Since you're on a desktop, you can save some money by buying an internal drive and a HD dock instead of a pre-built model. Get one with FireWire 800 for the fastest data transfer to your computer
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