IMEEM sucks now...anyone know of a new similar site?

Joined May 11, 2004
anyone know of a site thats like how imeem used to be? or if ur not familiar with imeem, basically a site that lets you stream the song that you want (unlike pandora) w/o any vid and is good to high quality.

good looks for any help.
Joined Apr 8, 2009
Used to be a imeem regular. Had to switch to grooveshark. There are some things I don't like but their database is incredible.
Joined Jul 25, 2006
Dang I must live under a rock because I had never heard of these sites.  Good looks.
Joined Jan 3, 2006
So are they not able to play a song when you want it anymore? or does the new format just suck
Joined Aug 1, 2004
another informative NT post

usually youtube fills my needs...but more options couldn't hurt either.
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