Immigration... Vol. They screwed us!!!

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What's good everybody. Definitely not new here, old username got deleted. Oh well.

Just came here to vent. Sorry for the long read.

My fiance and I are getting married this coming September. Everything is set and ready to go. I was born in the PI (Philippines) but was raised here. My fiance, on the other hand, was born and raised in the PI and came here when she was 15. She became a citizen 2 years ago. My entire family is here. She's the only one here from her side, besides some not-so-close cousins, aunts and uncles. 

Before we decided to get married, we knew we had to get at least one of her immediate family members here, even if it was just for a couple of days or weeks via tourist visa. Our first thought was her father because she wanted him to walk her down the aisle; duh!

From my understanding, in order for you to get a tourist visa, you will need to prove two important things:

1) You MUST have a reason to come back to your country.

2) You MUST prove that you will be supported, financially, when you go to the states and when you get back.

So we got down to business. We sent over all necessary papers to ensure his visa. Employee verification letters, bank statements, official letters, invitations, etc... You name it. Her father had proof of his assets as well.

Long story short, her father was interviewed by the US Embassy this past Monday.

He was DENIED! They told him he lacked evidence! BS!

Now fiance doesn't know what to do. I feel she doesn't even want to get married anymore.

Immigration has gotten so bad that people who want to come to the states for a little while and ACTUALLY leave, are denied.

Anything like this happen to you or your family?
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If you're sure the paperwork is in order, he probably failed the interview. I don't really see how immigration screwed you but I understand that playing the victim could be cathartic in a situation like this

Mark Antony

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Get an immigration lawyer. The law sucks sometimes, but there's people out there that know how to play the game.
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sorry to tell you this but a lot of filipinos get denied even just for applying a tourist visa to the US,

i've heard a lot of stories, worse one was an older guy wanted to go to the us to visit her sick mother, and still got denied. ( dont know the full story though )

i wana go to visit the us someday too, but all the hassle and fees just to get a tourist visa is discouraging. weird cus i know indonesians and malaysians
who easily get us visas, while filipinos for some odd reason easily gets denied.

im a filipino not based in the philippines btw
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Just a suggestion, but what if u guys got married in the Philippines? It'll be hard to get most of your ppl to drop the $$ for the plane tix there. But once everyone gets there it's smooth sailing. Everything is so cheap there. Renting out a 5 house mini village in Boracay will probably cost as much as a hotel for everyone here in the U.S.
I would love to myself.


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They didn't screw anyone. Just get married in the Philippines if it means that much to her.
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Gonna have to agree with the married in Philippines comments.


1. The wedding itself is cheaper

2. You and your family get to see your country and extended family (and they can come to the wedding).

3. Her family (and most importantly her father) can go to the wedding.

4. Expenses overall are cheaper.

5. You can have your honey moon there, or in nearby Asia (Singapore is friggin beautiful and the flight will be cheaper)


1. Getting your immediate family over is going to cost big

2. If you don't have any close family (tito's, lolo's etc.) then renting a house or getting a hotel may cost (but again not as much as if her family had to come to the US).

3. People on your side may be discouraged from coming due to costs involved.
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Like everyone says, get married in the PI. The churches there are beautiful. Go to Boracay and tour some southeast Asian countries for your honeymoon. Sounds like a major win to me OP.

And yes, the amount of illegal aliens from the Philippines has caused the prerequisites to be more stringent to get a Visa.
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