In honor of the King of the South, let's revisit "I'm Serious"

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Never listened to or even heard of TIP until Trap Muzik, I admit.  But once I listened to this all the way through on a trip to Panama it was OVER. 

Still Ain't Forgave Myself
Dope Boyz
What Happened?
I'm Serious
Do It
What's Yo Name (
Top 5 Neptunes )
Heavy Chevys
Grand Royal
I'm Serious (Remix)

Has to be one of the best "street" down south CD's of the past decade.
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Dope Boyz was the first song I ever heard from TIP..I will be puttin this back in rotation later today
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What Happened? is one of the better story telling hip hop songs.
Still Ain't Forgave Myself is one of the better introspective and real hip songs.
And he "keep it pimpin" on Hotel and What's Yo Name?

T.I.P. was on his Nostradamus tip on I'm Serious... Bruh did everything he said he would.
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I'm Serious is a classic here in the A! Too bad the album was promoted horribly. What TIP would do next set the city on fire! In Da Streets Mixtapes

Mister Meaner

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Originally Posted by sparklecity SC

MrWavez wrote:
Urban Legend>>>>
I dont know about that..Urban Legend is the worse out the bunch to me..not a bad album tho

That title belongs to TI vs TIP.

Back to the topic, Dope Boyz

I'll admit that I wasn't a T.I. fan until Urban Legend, but quickly got put on to his whole career soon after.
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Still aint forgave myself is one of my personal Top 5 songs of all time

I try to put this album up there with his best but outstide of a few really wasnt all that to me...Trap Musik outshines this

Y the hate on Urban Legend tho its a solid 4th place huh

ham city

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Has TI vs TIP grown on any of you?

Personally I think all the stuff he did with Danja is great. It's obviously the precursor to Paper Trail, no more trap, real poppish sounding. I think it just took him two tries to get that format right.
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i like this album less than i like ti vs tip... and i hate ti vs tip

his flow didnt sound polished on here at all... and he was sayin corny !#*# like "u gone need a track from god featuring jesus and jay-z"

black jesus

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Mr Wavez is the biggest joke in the music forum

1 & 2 for me is "I'm Serious" and "Trap Muzik"
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Originally Posted by MusicalExcellence

Originally Posted by T i c a l

King of the South = Scarface.

- Tical.
is that you flip?
I have no idea who flip is, and if you honestly think T.I. is better than Face you deserve to be donkey punched by Ivan Drago.

- Tical.
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Also i i think TI vs TIP still goes hard....Trap Musik is nice too

My least favorite cd of his is this one...
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Originally Posted by MrWavez

Also i i think TI vs TIP still goes hard....Trap Musik is nice too

My least favorite cd of his is this one...
You can't be real? You post the most absurd thoughts ever. "T.I. vs T.I.P." was beyond trash. Anyways, "I'm Serious" is dope. I remember seeing his advertisement in The Source and it just said Neptunes on it so I was always curious to who this broke $@% down south cat was with Neptune features? My boy played me "Dope Boyz" and "Do It" the first week it dropped and I've been a fan ever since. Overall the album is a 3.5/5, half of it has his best work but then the other half has his worst work. His last dope album was "King", "Paper Trail" got some gems but my man isn't putting out that quality music
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