In-N-Out coming to NYC? Vol. West Coast > _____

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were those "employees" giving out samples? cuz if so, that was one awesome L.  
upon further review of the picture, i have determined it was flyers that were being given out.

but still....

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OUCH, now if it was White Castle to CA, nobody would give a rat's @$*.
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Originally Posted by AG 47

OUCH, now if it was White Castle to CA, nobody would give a rat's @$*.
My teacher told us a story in class about how her parents used to threaten to take her and her brother to white castle if they didn't act right.
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in-n-out even posted this on their website

You may be aware of a rumor or April Fool's Day hoax about
In-N-Out Burger coming to New York City the Summer of 2010. This is not true. We are very sorry for any confusion this may have caused and have no idea how it got started. We want to make sure everyone knows that it is false. We currently operate restaurants in California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah. Thank you for your interest in In-N-Out Burger and if you’d like to find the location nearest you, please visit our locations page.

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you guys need a in-n-out out there tho, put that right in the middle of manhattan by times square and it would be nothing but hype and long lines and lots of money going to the pockets of in-n-out.

everytime i go to new york i smoke a blunt and get a double double animal style with animal style fries before i head out to the airport because i know i won't be having that wonderful deliciousness for a few weeks.
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I was frightened for a moment. Not our sacred In-N-Out!

Still got your Five Guys and them nasty fries.

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