Info on these vintage Basch & Lomb Ray Ban Sunglasses?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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Hey guys i recently found these vintage Basch & Lomb Ray Ban Glasses with the original case!
On each lenses there is a BL etched on the sides.
I am not into sunglasses and was wondering if anyone has info on them?
How old they are, model number, what they are worth, etc?
Thanks guys!!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by Lrrr

Originally Posted by CWrite78

5 dollars. learn how to $*!@*$+ use google.
u seem upset

hardly, just tired of these wastes of posts that could be easily solved by hitting up google. dudes really that lazy typing what they want on google andclicking a few links?
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I dont need to make threads just becuase calm down "OGs" I just had a question.
What would I get out of creating posts for no reason?
I had a question and this is a shoe/fashion based website.
Again if you dont have info then why are you posting?
Anyone eles have info?
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Those are aviators, model 3025 I believe. You probably can't get more than 60 bucks for them if they are in really good shape. BL doesn't make Raybansanymore, they were bought out by Luxottica.
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