Infomation/Experiences at Howard University...

Jun 21, 2005
Basically I'm trying to find out what life is like there, and whether or not I'm likely to get in. I already applied bout week ago (early action).

G.P.A: 2.96 (fairfax county schools :rolleyes
SAT: 1120 w/o essay, 1620 w/essay

I'm also applying to George Mason, George Washington, VSU, and UMD (trying to stay in the "urea")

Thanks for the info...
ur gonna get in if you wrote a good eassy for ur application. i jah like had them same stats!
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Your good, with that my scores on the Sats where nowhere near that, and i came from Prince William County schools.
no VCU???? boo this man...

Naw, wasn't really looking at VCU, I'll look up some info on it.

But is their anybody here who goes to or went to Howard and can tell me first hand how life is their (classes, social life, females, etc.)
Being in FCPS works so hard against you with how hard and competitive the area is as far as number of high schools and everything, nobody is really unique because odds are, there are tons of kids just like you wether your a straight A student of a C student. Colleges want a bunch of kids from different areas, so they will only take so many "4.0" students from NoVA.

If your looking at out of state, you can get into

University of Alabama
University of Mississippi

hell, even maybe South Carolina wouldnt be to far of a stretch, in the end, remember, its not the grades you make, but the hands you shake.

And VCU sucks unless your there for medical or arts or something, the frats at that school blow.
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You won't get into UMD or GW but the others are 50/50. Howard should be 100%
yea umd's policies are dumb strict now. they think theyre ivy league or something. GW is a stretch as well unless your black then u might be admitted to the summer program. Howard is s shoe in. The campus life is fun, there is hundreds of activites exclusively for hu students during the year. The work is no slouch, and you will have to work hard. The one thing i couldnt stand about hu was how ridiculously overpriced it is. The connects and doors that open for you once you have a hu degree are invaluable. GO FOR IT.
^are you from Maryland or Virginia? GW is a pretty tough school to get into coming out of FCPS.
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