Jul 25, 2005
Hi Everyone,

Ive been a Jordan collector since I found out about Niketalk in 2001 (though I never applied for the board membership). And Im currently having a serious problem with Instyleshoes (ISS), and would like to share the story, and at the same time warn fellow collectors about their depraved conduct.

What happened was that I sent several shoes to Instyleshoes under their consignment program, which initially stated that the payment would be made about (which is more than half of the time) or receive the same excuse that they are selling more shoes than they anticipated and are unable to pay at this time. I have saved all the emails from them as well as the captured screen of my personal inventory page which indicate the sold dates, all of which Im willing to use as a proof.

And at first, they just kept quiet about the delay in the payment without informing us (the selling customers) and it was only on 7/8/05 when they finally decided to send a formal letter telling all the consignees that there is a delay. And even at that point (long after they know that there would be a delay), their consignment page still clearly stated 4-6 weeks payment period!! which I believe that they deliberately tried to have for as long as they could! And note that although their letter states 8-12 weeks, while their website only recently changed to 6-10 weeks!

Another thing Id like to point out is that when they first informed me about the delay, they quickly say that if I can have the shoes sent back If I cannot wait for the new payment period. What I feel is that they changed the payment period I sent the shoes, and if I decide to have the shoes sent back, it will be at my cost. And because I live in Australia, this would essentially mean that I will be paying for the round-trip shipping cost for multiple pairs (which would costs over USD$200) for nothing!! I feel that I shouldnt be the one to bear the cost since it is obviously their fault!

Some of their other replies when I inquire about the payment are:

Yes, I told you we will try to pay you thru Paypal when the next check would normally go out! I will let you know before I send it. [5/11/05 6 Weeks]

Dates always vary, so Im not sure when your next payment will be sent. [6/8/05 9 Weeks]

Sorry for the delay, but we are paying everyone in order their shoes
old, and there are still people in front of you. [7/6/05 13 Weeks!!]

And they have

At this point, I have a total of 8 pairs (including 3 Jordan OGs) with them (with 5 pairs sold), altogether with their website value of approximately USD$3,000. My main questions are that am I being frauded by them? And if so, what are the (legal) actions I can take against them? (I remember seeing a post about several websites that we can report internet related fraud, does anyone still have the link to that post?) And does anyone else here is having the similar problem with them?

Of course I was desperate for urgent help, so I decided to email Niketalk Staffs, who promptly replied and kindly gave me advice on the situation, as well as offered to grant me the membership, so that I can post the story and warn others on the board.

Some of their helpful replies are:

To be candid, there's simply no valid reason as to why instyleshoes should be withholding YOUR money. They've already received their cut, and the "volume" excuse sounds . They SHOULD have it immediately available to send you.

I'm not sure what type of legal avenues you can pursue in this case, but I would imagine that by failing to live up to their own self-imposed 15 day deadline, you could . Of course, that's something you'd need to discuss with a lawyer.

You're already out (several pairs) of shoes and you have nothing to show for it. They to repay you.[/b] It's not their money to withhold. It's yours, and its contractually owed to you

By 15 weeks, do you mean 15 weeks since the SALE of the item? (Yes, thats after when they actually received the money!!) If so, what you've experienced goes , and hopefully NikeTalk will allow you to make your voice heard. Though NikeTalk may be your quickest avenue toward redress, you may wish to consult a lawyer to determine what, if any, additional compensation you may be entitled to. Certainly, a legal judgment against Instyleshoes would go a long way toward preventing ANY similar circumstance from befalling another sneaker fan.

Lastly, Id like to thank Niketalk Staffs again for their help, and everyone else for the supports!!

Best regards,

That has to be the longest first post ever. Sorry to hear about this problem your having.
wow i just read the whole thing :lol:
but yeah thats pretty gay they just being greedy and littl jerks. i really never did like ISS and i hate ( yes HATE with a passion ) ISS there forum is stupid and i hate the way they do there post and stickys its hella gay :x
and they like rank everyone there WTH is up with that?? im never going to that site again :evil:
Steve should have just stuck with the website and not the silly magazine.The jordan magazine was the only good issue so far atleast to me.The people running the website and selling the shoes are not like steve was.Being hands on and on top of each sale at pre magazine stage.When ths sneaker game was not that huge.Dude don't take this the wrong way but you are so far off from the U.S. in australia.So why take a chance with sending your shoes out.You would have been better off selling the shoes yourself on e-bay or signing on to niketalk earler and made all the money for yourself by selling your stuff on the niketalk buy and sell forum.I never really like this"consignment program" crap myself.So I never fell into the trap of haveing anybody selling my stuff.I have to give up my shoes and have somebody else sell them and give them part of the profit.When I can damn well do the same thing myself and not charge people ripp off prices and keep all the cash.I know instyleshoes is legit but steve has to be on top of his business and not let another person run his site or he's gonna get a bad rep.It's either the Magazine 100% or 100%.By you making this post I am sure the problem will be taken care of quickly.I also have steve's cell phone and I wll not give it out here But I will help you out if you need it.Either e-mail me at or I can ezinbox it to you as well so you can call him yourself.Goodluck.
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I was always hesitant to mess with any sneaker consignment programs. I am also a part of ISS. Board is great overall. I did however suscribe to their magazine and when your paying for it, it states that you will receive it within a week. It has been 4 weeks and still no sign of it. :\

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Thats really crappy of them to do. once you sell something whats so hard to take your cut, and ship a check out? You might be backed up, but honestly one person could spend 5 hours, write out 1,000 checks and mail them out. I assume they don't sell hundreds of shoes a day, all on consignment so theres no way they could get that backed up. Yet another shady move on Steves part :stoneface:

Your man just broke a record with that post!!! ISS is in trouble now.


damn 12 weeks after sell that is kinda sleazy
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i'd like to add that the prices on iss are crazy too... 399 for alts... :lol:
...18 lows for 179.. :lol:

sorry just had to get that out there lol..but that sucks man^
lets send this to those punks on ISS and see what they have to say >:

lets go nike talk..........LET THE WAR BEGIN AGAIST ISS NOW :evil:
that sux

i know a guy who sells on iss and told me that nt's program sux

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Sorry to hear about that man. Sounds like the Niketalk staffer who supplied that info has a lot of good info and suggestions. Hope you get thoroughly compensated for your inconvenience.
Was there a contract when u agreed to send the kicks and when ISS agreed to sell it on your behalf?
15 weeks? That's pitiful.

Like the NT staff said, it sounds a LOT like they are using your loot as a loan.

It's a simple process:

1) Customer pays
2) Divide out who gets what percentage
3) Send consignee's their cuts and keep yours.

No matter how many new shoes they are getting, it doesn't change the fact that they already have your money and are delaying the entire process.

Good luck with whatever you do.


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WOW i stopped readin like half way through. but, if this helps out at all, my friend bought olympics VIs from there before and he got them just fine.
Thanks everyone for the replies!!

To 160Jordansdeep, Thanks for your offer. I might email you later. And I decided to take a chane with them because I'd never have thought that such an established and popular website can be so unprofessional. And I feel that I wouldn't really be able to sell on Ebay or NT at decent prices as I don't have a lot of selling feedbacks. (In fact, I don't have that many shoes for sale)

To JOrDaN722, I've edited the post to make it shorter. I'm sorry about the long post.

To LoveMyLebrons, I never think of posting this on ISS, as I'm having the problem with them and they have been ignoring my previous emails. (not to mention the fact that I expect that this post would be deleted on their board anyway)

To BiggiMike, the contract is rather implicit. The conditions of their consignment program are listed on their website. So the consignees are assumed to agree with those conditions, and they just simply send the shoes to them.

By the way, nobody else here is under their consignment program as well??


wow that sucks
This goes out to all the haters on NT. Your hate is called one thing, JEALOUSY!
My head's spinning after reading that long post ......................

I'll never do business with anybody or any company that tries to pull that ..........
Watchin' ya through my rearview .....
youll get your money i hope so
hop off my grammar you fools im jsut that sexy and brilliant holllerrrrrrrr
maybe the site is understaffed? being that they are dedicating all of there time to the magazine. im not going to say anything negative, i just hope you get what your waiting for. and my advice to steve is to hire more people ........i dont know like 5 more people just for the site alone. the magazine it self is going to blow up in the near future, so he better start hiring before it gets hectick.
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