Interested in getting a sea/doo, jetski... Enlighten me

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I just rented a jet ski this past weekend for the first time and loved it.  Instead of paying hundreds to keep renting, I would consider getting a model thats a couple years old.  Whats there to look for with these?  Is there a "blue book" for jet skis/sea doos?  Hook me up with any good pointers on owning one of these as far as what I need to do to buy one..  Share your stories!  I know NT is good for stuff like this, so I figured I'd go right to the pros
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Where you going to store it, what are you going to tow it with, where are you going to use it, etc.?
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A couple years ago my cousin and I went to Ft Lauderdale to visit our other cousins. One of them had a jetski and we took it down to South Beach and I fell in love 

We rode it around all day, jumped waves etc and by the end of the day it didn't feel like it was my first time. We even went down to a lake one day which is a different experience from the beach. Saw some dudes doing tricks and such going underwater and jumping up out of the water. We even raced against some people and tied a rope and a lil inter-tube with one of us hanging on to it which was really fun.  

I know how you feel op. Me and my cuz wanted to buy one as well. Too bad here in LA we dont use jetski's like they do in Miami/ Ft Lauderdale. 
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these things are huge money pits, and you have to maintain all year not just summer.
imo dont buy unless you have alot of extra money
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