Internet Beef gets.. Real? lol

Feb 12, 2008
ok 1st things 1st.. if u dont like picture books...

5 this is the last of the pics from me swear... NT Honor! lol

Grab Some Ls i got a story to tell...

So im friends wit this "kid" also known as 412 now known as 412 and he was catchin a lotta heat from fellow NTLKers for his excessive picture usage to say the least.. but it became pretty effin funny seeing how serious people got over the internet in the freshwater thread.. (griffeys are political lol)  so it became a good laugh ruffleing the feathers of ntlkers... but today at work.

me and the kid Bennyblanco were talking to a fellow NTLKer Mdwest9  via IM  now Mdwest and Bennyblanco arent too fond of one another.. but when benny revealed his "internet identity" MdWest9 was like .. ur that dude from NTLK that be postin all them pics! Funny moment right! lol BUT WAIT THERES MOORREEE!!

MdWest9 brings his boy P- into the IM CHAT ... now Benny and P-Mighty have no love lost.. these guys got internet ,,, now im thinkin awwww mayne. these fool gon at work lol ima have to get my Van Gundy on ...  but it turned out for the best noone was hurt! everyone stayed cool! its all in fun! now we are good friends!  

The moral of the story is.. theres a lot of hate in the air on ntlk.. alotta guys talk all kinds of "yin yang" over the net but u NEVER know.. whos a niketalker so choose yall words wisely! haha besides come on son .. we all on here for the love of  (if that dnt make you
 then something is wrong with you) 

bennyblanco412 aka RichYung412 i gotchu homie
Mdwest9 and Pmighty much respect

Pittsburgh Stand up!

... Gone...


Aug 5, 2007
Man i aint tryin to see all that. shapes and colors and $$+*, cliffnotes b.
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