iPhone Campouts?

Sep 30, 2006
Well on the 29th this phone releases at AT&T and Apple Stores and i'm assuming to obtain one of these phones, you would have to campout overnight just like shoes? It sucks that it works out that way, and this phone totally grew on me. Is anyone gonna get one and where?
probably going to walnut creek :pimp:
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Good luck to those camping out for these. My boy works at a company store with strong sales and they're only getting 20-30 phones in. A small, private shop I know of is only getting in 5. So it's going to be hectic. Thank the lord I don't give a damn about my cell phone
haha campout get two resell from 850-1000 each ps3 all over again lol ima wait for another shipment to get mines
ps3 resell actually sucked... they were only resellin good when people were buying up the presale tix. I dont think iphone will sell as well either. doesnt eveyone have to buy a contract to get this phone as well?
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Pgiboy67, actually if you sold the ps3 the first day they were released, you would have made profit. I decided to sell mines after just testing out craigslist and seeing what I could get. I resold my PS3 for $2200 to some chick that was buying it for her boyfriend. She was desperate and I couldn't resist.
resale won't big that great b/c there isn't going to be a discounted 2yr contract price. new att customers might as well get another cell with the 2yr contract price before the iphone.
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kobefan u better hurry people already in line
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im too lazy now, im just going to cop online (against the million others.) :x
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Flashbacks of PS3 release....

But I drove by the apple store downtown not too long ago.
A line reaching past a|x? I think.
I am going to check out the SF apple store during lunch. I'll snap some pics and show you what the madness looks like......
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For those in the Penninsula.

Belmont (cingular ) has about 10 people in line

Palo Alto (apple) 60+

Burlingame (apple) 20+

I'm not planning on buying until I check it out but just giving some heads up
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BabyMj is right it is a set price whether you sign up for a contract or not. So.....i decided to pick up a curve the other day and am going to wait for the 2nd generation. Also for anyone picking one up thats not sure about it there is going to be a 10% restocking fee if it is opened.
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