Iron Solomon Freestyles

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That was dope and it was obviously not a freestyle. A majority of today's battles are pre-written, not off the top.
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^ Yea i think some of it is written, but some of it just cant be.
Some times he says stuff that pertains to what someone said back to him.

For example, when he faced Madness who is this fat white guy, Madness said something about him being white.
Iron Solomon in the middle of his rap said " You say i'm white when your white, your so white your getting a tan under that street lite.
He couldnt have planned ahead of time that Madness was gonna say that.

Here's another good one i found.
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Originally Posted by Jehlers02

I dont know if he's been talked about before on here but the stuff he does off the top of his head is pretty impressive.
There wont be on video where you think he lost in a freestyle. After a minute its like dude just quit before it gets worse.
here's a few.

how is this a Iron solomon appreciation and you post a vid where he got embarrassed 
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Personally i thought he won soo i dont know.

When i hear him, every line he has is like dammmm. The others like Math have a few really good lines but the rest is like what the F are you even talking about.

"we had the chemistry attracted physically taught her wood shop, sex ed, now MATH is HISTORY"

Iron Solomon won the battle with that one line. It was over after that.

Then he said this after dude compared him to Eminem. He already won but then he was just not being nice.

"#$!% Math i'll get my vengence with words, sentences, verbs, and paragraphs, if i'm Slim Shady i guess there will be nothing after math."
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