Is Bape still hot or not?

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bape is just expensive fubu right about now....

nike spanked them at they own game wit last years air forces like someone else said.

and when companies big and small do they're own all over print...its pretty much a wrap...

da best thing bape can do is continue to do collabs.....
team platano/BLACKMARKET
check out da myspace
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If anyone does not know, Bape NYC is the only store where you can get the real clothing. No where else in the US is certified to sell Bape and this company has been around for 12 + years in Japan and it's not a fad there. It seems to me that some people in the US are under the impression that this company has been around since they first opened there store in Soho NYC 5 yrs ago. Some do know the brand and those are the loyal consumers but the people who are unaware of it watch half these rappers rock the fake crap and buy from non - Bape affiliates. Thanks for all your response everyone. I am curious to know what you guys think they can do to become a better brand here in the U.S. Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I think people, on this site especially are tired of all the patent leather, loud colorways. everythings come full circle, simplicity is back. We all want the OG shoes and colorways and I just don't think Bape has the history to provide what the kids want.
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They do have a history but not in the states. If only people knew how hot there designs were back in Japan 10 years ago.
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