Is Cutting Your Hair Everyday Dangerous?

Apr 4, 2008
I'm not feeling my new barber so I bought some clippers and since I have them with me I figured I might as well look fresh everyday and trim my haireveryday so it stays at a 2 and my skin tape up stays fresh. Is this bad for hair?
No, but it's pointless - twice a week is plenty to keep it at that length.

you'll get tired of it by the end of the week lol

i think a fresh line up everyday is od, i feel it does damage to your hair growth.
Don't see why it would be dangerous. At one point i would cut my hair every 2-3 days.
you doing the whole tape up while you're at it? or you just doing the all around 2clip everyday while your tapeup grows?
if anything it boost your hair growth speed . Just dont shampoo it everyday because the detergent in shampoo will dry your scalp out and causes hair loss
i dont think it will f up your hairline or anything as long as you don't take your line up way past your natural line . but everyday is od , maybe twice aweek and you would be straight.

well you will know once you wake up and your on some
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i always thought you were white
I am but my hair borders on the line of black. I'll cut it down to twice a week. I just want to keep the taper fresh though since IDK how toreally do one myself and I don't wanna pay for haircuts anymore.
I run the 2 around my head and a 1 on the taper.
Why would cutting your hair everyday be dangerous?

It's only dangerous if you got shaky hands.

But in these times I say cutting your own hair is the way to go, it takes some time and skill to get a hang to cutting your own hair but after you do it'spretty good. At most you would need to see your barber for a shape up for special occasions if you can't do it yourself.
just cut it every sunday and have a fresh cut every week.
do your line on sundays and fridays (fresh weekend line)
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You can't shape yourself up.
I'm white. Hairlines don't matter to us. Word to

...........i would be tired of cutting my hair everyday....i alreadyhate shaving everyday.
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