Is "Distant Relatives" Better Than "WTT?"

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It depends on what you're looking for in an album...Nas and Damian were speaking about REAL *@!* on EVERY song. Patience is one of my favorite songs ever
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the only people i know that give DR that much credit reside on this board one is checking for that album man let's be real.
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Originally Posted by imaballerballer

they don't really compare. one is meaningful, the other isn't.
If by "meaningful" you mean "records that go into depth about Africa/the ghetto life" then yes, of course DR > WTT.  That's not the only reason or only kind of hip-hop I listen to though.

Apples and oranges imo, both are great records, neither are classics. DR could be one if you just had Damian do that entire album solo.
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Apples and oranges. If you were to compare, DR had better lyrics/message while WTT's production is through the roof. Can't call it, but seeing as my bias would go towards Nas since he's the GOAT, I'd say DR. Let it be known that these two are two of the best albums I've heard in the last few years. Rarely do you find albums where you can listen to every track, these two make that happen for me.
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The only songs you can compare to DR are Made in America, Murder to excellence, and New Day. WTT is the flat out more enjoyable album though, probably the best of the year so far
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Apples to oranges but DR had a stronger direction and had better lyrics overall.

Both for different moods. WTT does not have a song that touches Patience or Despair.

Both Pro-black albums

I love both but DR is just a more complete album to me.
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