Is it a bad idea to paint the midsole of my 2001 Jordan III Black Cement?

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A few weeks ago I copped a pair of Black Cement III's in damn near pristine condition for $135 (quite the steal). Unpopped air bubbles, heel tab completely intact, some creasing, but nothing major. The only problem is the yellowing. The midsole is pretty yellow, and also has a couple brown coffee-looking stains on it. Only on the inside of one shoe though, and only a few little drips. Now, I was just gonna repaint it, but something the dude said made me question that. He told me that the midsole on the 2001 retro wasn't originally painted white, and that the foam they used was just originally white, so they had no need to paint them. He said that paint them would cause them to "lose their authenticity" and devalue them. So I decided to consult Google.

But after a little bit of research, I still can't tell whether or not this is true. I found a few videos on Youtube of people painting them, but nothing all that conclusive. Just by looking at them, it could go either way. So were they originally painted or not? If no, will it actually devalue them to repaint them? Also, how do i get those brown stains out? All help is greatly appreciated.

P.S. On a side note, I read something about using teeth whitening gel to whiten them. Seems interesting, would that work?
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