Is It Okay for Straight People to Wear Rainbow Stuff?

Nov 16, 2018
Long story short:
I want to wear some ****, but idk if it’s right to wear since I’m not apart of the LGBTQ community. It’s better if you read the passage for better context.

Long story long:
I’ve wondered this for quite sometime and the question effected me personally when came across a pair of sneakers w/ rainbows on them that I liked & even went as far as to buying them. They were a pair of Eytys. I ultimately returned them b/c I almost wasn’t sure if it would be considered I guess appropriation of Pride Culture, & I didn’t want to do that. I asked friends, and they were like “it’s cool”, but friends are friends, so sometimes they give passes to **** like blacks volunteering their “other” friends an "n-word pass".

Anyway, I’m facing this dilemma again. Came across some fire overalls I liked last month w/ rainbows on them, and brought. As dope as I think they are, idk if I’m generally “allowed” to wear them. Supreme did a Dead Prez collab last year or so & w/o context seeing “other” walk around w/ Pan-African flags is a bit of head tilter w/o context... I guess?

May the LGBTQ bro’s & cho’s of this sight give ya boy a lil insight here. In a way I’m being selfish b/c I want to wear a garment, but then again, more than style, the moment I brought the thing I made a political statement.

Here are the shoes I mentioned earlier:

Also, I have Finn Balor pride shirt that I don’t question wearing b/c it’s kinda blatant in show of support & it’s associated w/ fairly known message from a fairly known person,“For Everyone”.
Dec 5, 2009
I don't see any issue with it, unless you don't want people assuming you are LGBTQ. I would say it is akin to someone who is not African-American wearing BLM gear. You are showing that you are an ally if anything and I don't think people have a problem with that, but it is 2021 so who knows.
Aug 31, 2012
Info: is the rainbow on the shoes supposed to be representative of the LGBTQ+ community or is it just a rainbow on a pair of shoes?
Apr 18, 2014
I suppose I need to be educated too cause I have no clue what's offensive about wearing something with a rainbow on it(pride related or not) if you don't identify as lgbtq?

I tried to cop the pride air max 90's a couple years ago but took an L and eventually lost interest. Would there have been people that felt some kind of way if I had them?


May 6, 2007
Nothing wrong with it. Never even thought twice about it really. BUT, we about to leave for Jamaica vacation and I copped this the other day.

she was like “babe you can’t wear that. They are really homophobic in this country.”

oh word? That comment caught me off guard. Was thinking it’s homophobic to think that way. And would now be homophobic to NOT wear that
Aug 27, 2006
I just asked my M-I-L her thoughts (she's a lesbian) and she said it's all good for straight people to wear things that support her lifestyle/culture..

I've got 2 pieces from adidas PRIDE selection that I wear in support and I've never had anyone ever question me or my intentions..So wear what you like brother Rosie..
Dec 9, 2002
No matter what, there's always somebody that will be negative/territorial about anything like that. There is no right answer bc people like to play victim.
Jul 19, 2012
I own pride accessories, hats, etc which adds some contrast to my dressing style. I rarely wear colorful clothing.


Feb 8, 2004
This thread really speaks to your social awareness and I'm very proud. Old NT would never be this aware to ask. I'm not in the LGTBQ community but I consider myself an ally and I would rock whatever I like so long as it wasn't offensive to members of the community that I personally know.

Nereyda Vuelve Por Dios

formerly DONRE
Jul 22, 2012
You want to wear those ugly *** shoes, go right ahead.

some may think you are a homosexual but that doesnt mean anything if you dont want it to.
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