Is It Rude/Pretentious To Request Guests To Take Their Shoes Off Upon Entering Your Home?

Is It Rude/Pretentious To Request Guests To Take Their Shoes Off Upon Entering Your Home?

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Joined Aug 14, 2012
So many scenarios and it will kill this dumb argument.

(Solo) Shoes off usually a few steps in or a few minutes in depending on where my heads at. More comfort then anything else.

(Company) Doesn't matter to me unless weather is bad. We usually just head to the livingroom to talk ****, play madden bull ****.

I don't usually have a lot of ****** over anyway.

Females can do as they please and they're better at watching where they step.

(If I'm invited to your house) I do as you ask and follow your lead. But I will feel uncomfortable if you're having a large get together and you make everyone go shoeless.
Joined Dec 13, 2018
I have house shoes, those that do not go outside. Yes, my wife asks visitors to take their shoes off when they enter our home, and it is for spiritual reasons.


Joined Oct 10, 2018
I’m Asian, shoes always off.

the only time I’ll allow it is if some work needs to be done in the house.

like if the Verizon guy comes in or a plumber, etc.
Joined Nov 20, 2007
There we have it. Everybody wearing shoes in the house and letting fellow savages in their house with shoes on got corona virus.

Don't @ or quote me just in case this **** starts to spread online too.
Joined Nov 8, 2013
Not rude or pretentious. Just a preference that should be respected when you’re entering someone’s space.

If that’s how you roll or not in your space, cool, you do you. But at my house, please take off your shoes.

If you’re wearing some heat, can take ‘em off and flex :rofl::nthat:
Joined Feb 19, 2018
i just try to read the room, either ask shoes on/off, or vigilant enough to see if shoes are by the entrance.

im just honored someone would invite me in.
Joined Feb 2, 2014
why wouldn't you respect the rules of the house?
what does being a grown *** man have to do with not walking around in socks ?
Joined Jul 11, 2010
People used to ask me to take my shoes off in their house all the time so I just stopped wearing socks

Problem solved...nobody even invites me over at all anymore

alchemist iq

Joined May 12, 2008
My Religious faith that i was brought up with made sure shoes come off before entering the house or someone else's home.

Gotta respect that person's castle no matter how you feel about it.
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