Is MichellePhan a NKELK'er

Joined Nov 10, 2005
Idk if she's a Nike Licker but I sure hope so...Her eyes at 1:27 look amazing

Vid was corny as hell though
Joined Feb 3, 2006
Originally Posted by UPPTEMPO8387

Idk if she's a Nike Licker but I sure hope so...

She's pretty...But seems like she craves a lot of attention (assuming so).
Joined May 18, 2005
damn, stole this from 2002

The Official Ninja Webpage: Real Ultimate Power is a satire website created in 2002 by the pseudonymous Robert Hamburger. Written using the persona of a 13-year-old boy, the site is a parody of adolescent fascination with Ninjas. Warren St. John, columnist for the New York Times described it as a "a satirical ode to the masculine prowess of ninjas". [sup][1][/sup]
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i always wondered why beautiful women would settle for a subpar dude. until i got to college where late at night you can see several girls leaving their rooms without makeup and all i could think was wow! without make up i look better than half of these girls. moral of the story. don't be afraid to approach beautiful women, chances are they aren't as pretty without the makeup. eyeliner alone changes they're entire appearance.
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