Is Nike done retroing Flightposite Ones this year? and are we gonna see Flight II's and III's retro

Sep 21, 2008
whats up nt? just wanted to know if nike is done retroing flightposite ones this year and if they have plans on bringing back flightposite II's andIII's in 09' or 10'. im specifically wishing that they retro the white/navy FP1's those are my all time favs in the flightposite line
You know they will, but my gut wishes they'd leave the flightposite 3's alone. Aside from buckle problem, they're my favorite posite model, foamsand duncans included.
I wouldn't be surprised to see the Flight II's release in 2010, but without the KG branding on them.
^^^^Yeah...the most ******ed thing he has ever done. I can still remember the Flightposite 1 Gold commercial with the duck tape!
Lmao ! Wow u brought it back... how about those adidas commercials he has now.... terrible
I want da flightposite 3 ( Battle Grounds )....
I'd welcome it. Especially the blk/blue and blk/silver FP3. I remember the mixed reaction it conjured up, when they release in 2001. Good times.
bring back some for fp1's in the tb colorways, or as stated above the char/red colorway would be a killer.
Some diff colors in the 1s would be nice, or the white/blue or black/blue 2s.

3s...ehhh not feelin em too much.
Nike needs to stop jerkin us and give upsome FP III's. Some more Battlegrounds would be dope, i had blk/bl, blk/royal, and gold. i always wanted the silverjoints yet they were numbered
I think a retro of funny blue/black fp2's would be insane, white/navy fp1's would be a dream, and platinum posite battleground fp3's would be crazybut I know they would never release again... there was only like 500 released to the public right?
back when i was getting my bred strap 1s in december...i went to some mom and pop shop i had never been 2 b4 and they had some og flightposite 2's forretail....didnt even ask what size but they had alot of heat from around that i need to go back there
Originally Posted by SenorRoboto2k5

FP2's are a good bet, but FP3's probably aren't

Second hand rumors indicated that Nike are in no hurry to Retro the FP3.

I found it ridiculously narrow - the forefoot strap doesn't stretch, resulting in considerable discomfort after about 20 minutes of play.
The magnetic closure straps don't work that well either.
The Zoom insoles are good though.
I would love to see any Flightposites retroed, I through III. Flightposites are by far my favorite shoe of all time. Really comfortable.
You would think Nike would bring out the colorways that everyone wants, white based FP1...

Crossing my fingers in hopes they do...I need a replacement for my white/navy pair...
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