Is Niketalk really serious with these full page popup ads????

Joined Dec 30, 2008
What is the deal here? :stoneface:

Ads on the side of the page or in the banners is one thing. But full page, popup, video ads with sound playing? WTF?

Feel like i'm going to a porn site and getting bombarded with adultfriendfinder ads all over my screen.

This has gotta stop. :smh:
Joined Nov 11, 2007
Use mobile a lot so wasnt aware of this issue.... Really sad to hear though. [emoji]128532[/emoji][emoji]128532[/emoji]
Joined May 2, 2004
It's 2013 and we're still not using an ad-block extension?

Ad-block + Ghostery.
Joined Apr 5, 2007
I use adblock

I was actually confused about the whole ISS advertising thing at first cuz its been so long since i've seen any ads on NT at all. :lol:
Joined Oct 14, 2007
You guys should occasionally turn your ad blocker off so the site gets ad money. NT gotta eat too.
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