Is the Instant Sell Out and Hype Finally Declining?

Aug 13, 2000
Don't know if you've been paying attention to the economy, but gas and food are increasingly expensive along with housing. Those are staples. People are getting less bang for their buck due to inflation and we're entering a recession. Certain shoes will still sell out, but as matters become more pressing, people are making choices. Pre COVID and the government shutdowns, people had money to spend, now they don't.
To think the real fun* has only just begun. Really not looking forward to that but whats to come is unavoidable.
Sneaker wise however for those who can stay afloat has potential to be amazing for a number of reasons.
Mar 19, 2018
also, don't forget a few months back Nike got into it with footlocker and stated that the footlocker inventory will be drastically reduced with those pairs being added to the snkrs inventory. this might be why some pairs have been easier to get as well as other stores besides footlocker not selling out as fast. Nike retros have been selling out since 1999. colorway and style have always played a part in how fast. The same goes for today some may sit longer but all will eventually sell out.
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