Is the self-checkout at the supermarket really all that?

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Seems like there are a lot of buttons to press on the screen. English or Spanish, Codes (if it's produce), Quantity, Payment Type, Wanna Donate? Are You Using Your Own Bag?
Every time you reach into your pocket for money thinking the transaction is coming to an end, another prompt comes up. I dunno if it's like this at your local supermarket but at mine there is even a clerk overseeing the self-checkout stands. I mean, I thought the point was to avoid dealing with the clerks? They're all walking behind me asking me how my day is going. Wasn't supposed to be like this, fam.

One time I went around midnight and they had all the self-checkouts turned off and only the Express Lane open. I was rocking some sweatpants and started feeling really self-conscious standing in line with other people wearing some sweatpants. My whole plan from the jump was to sloth my way through the store and not make eye contact with ANYONE and then use the self-checkout and come outta there feeling good about myself. Man, instead I found myself sandwiched in line with all these party peeps on a Sat. night making senseable purchases like deli sandwiches and premium ales, and there I was with blood rushing to my head holding a quart of almond milk and a box of Kaboom tucked underneath my arm. I had to ask myself if this was really life.
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I prefer it.  Saves alot of time.  just scan all your stuff, then hit the debit/credit, swipe your card and you're on your way in little time.  I'm not sure what kind of games your groceries machines are playing with you though.
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Originally Posted by ERASCISM

I was rocking some sweatpants and started feeling really self-conscious standing in line with other people wearing some sweatpants.
Really though?

And self-checkout is that business.
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Nope not really all that. Sometimes it won't even scan the product so you have to keep trying to do it until it finally reads it or then you have to call the attendant for help. If I had a choice between an open self-checkout line and an open lane with a cashier, I'd rather go to the cashier.

**Edit** Yup all the grocery stores I've been to that have self-checkout always have one clerk stationed there to oversee all the self-checkout lanes just in case problems come up


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It's great if you just have a few items - like JayPesoz said - it takes no time.

But, if you go late at night and they only have the self-service checkouts open (as my local does now too) and you buy a bunch of stuff it's a pain. You're trying to scan stuff, weigh stuff, look up codes - and put it in bags. They should at least have a choice.


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Title: You ask, 'Is the self-checkout at the supermarket really all that?'

First paragraph: You anwear your question by pointing out the cons to the self check out?

Second paragraph: You decide to, completely irrelevant to the question you propose, talk about your insecurities. @+%% outta here with that either a) go to sleep or b) go and talk with Hazeleyehoney about your sweatpant insecurities, and she can cry to you about her pancake booty
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Well when I have only one item to buy, I would rather use it than waiting in line, or late at night when there's a line at the one register open it's convenient, so it is pretty useful.
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i use it all the time since theres's usually one open while there's lines for a cashier. i mean really.. it's not that hard at all. all you do is press "start", scan your groceries, bag them, select "finish and pay", then pay. the only problem i always get is produce not scanning so the overseer would have to get a price check on it and put the price in manually.

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^next thing you know, grocery stores are gonna offer you new "shopping experiences" by letting you cut your own meats at the deli and having you restock the shelves all while the employees just stand around asking if you need help hauling that pallet jack down the dairy isle...
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they are a gift and a curse...they are GREAT when the lines for them aren't long and you only got a couple items. i'm pretty quick with checking out with it.

but they are UNappreciated when there's some older folks who are using it front of you. they take forever to check out which totally negates the convenience of the self check out. they could've easily just went to the regular checkstands and got out faster. the people who don't know how to use it seriously ruin my life sometimes
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Originally Posted by airkeung88

For less items, I use it a lot at the self checkout. Save me time and it's also easy to use.
Yup. I don't understand people who have a a full cart of items and still use it. That and people don't know how to use it.
They lose more time that way.
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