Is their any great dating sites that I can totally trust or do yo prefer real world dating?

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Pittsburgh is not a good dating scene I'm sorry, this city was ranked 6th as best city for singles. Not sure how that's true. I do dating sites because their are no really good girls around PGH. They either smoke or drink.
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Get you new wave haircut... check

Get y new wave clothe like 10deep, sureme, bape, staple... check

Get new j's release..
clean u car...

Easy as pi
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I know cats that clean up on Tinder. High numbers. However, not I. I love chopping it up and campaigning with the breezies 
. I enjoy the scowls I get sometimes, but when I hit, I hit. 
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What is wrong with a girl who smokes or drinks? Is that the main thing turning you off to the women around you?
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Might as well said Craigslist.
What are you trying to say?
You're comparing black planet with craigslist...
Goods are SOLD on Craigslist..
Are you trying to make a connection between having relations with black women and items being sold?

Not srs

Mark Antony

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