Is this a good deal on a Wii?

Joined Jan 4, 2008
My co-worker wants to sell me her wii she purchased a year ago.


--3 Controllers
--3 Nunchucks
--2 Steering Wheels
--Charging Station
--Super Mario Bros
--Mario Kart
--Tomb Raider
--Wii Play
--Wii Sports
--Where's Waldo

All for $275. Is this deal worth it? I honestly just want to play Mario and hopefully cop the new sonic later on this year.

What do you guys think?
Joined May 16, 2009
Depends on the condition of the Wii...but me personally, I would not do it since I don't like any of the games on the list.
But if you like them, then you should definitely do it since it also comes with two extra controllers and nunchucks, which is an 100 bucks at stores.

So yeah, it's a good deal overall, but just not for me since I don't like any of those games.
Joined Mar 21, 2004
that's a good deal
some dude tried to sell me his 1 year old wii with mario bros, 2 controllers and nunchucks for 300
Joined Jun 16, 2008
Originally Posted by Billy Hoyle

are you 10 years old? if not get a 360.
Agree if you do not already own either a PS3 or 360. Feel like my Wii is a waste since I am really into fps now and the only game that has entertained me since having my Wii is Super Smash bros. But besides that the deal is good if you want a Wii.  
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