Is this autographed basball worth anything? Vol. Superman #1

Joined Dec 9, 2002
I received this at some point during my child hood and ran across it the other day.  It is 'autographed' by the entire Seattle Mariner's team, including Ken Jr. and Sr. Circa 93. It's not actually hand signed, it seemed like this was mass produced, but you never know what a collector could be looking for.  anyway, here are the pics.
Joined Jul 14, 2003
Nope. Only way you would likely get much out of it was if it was in flawless shape plus it was a limited item, i.e. they only say gave away 100 of these back then.

As far as the fake sigs not many people obviously care about those.
Joined Sep 1, 2003
I downloaded a picture of Michael Jordan's signature and glued it to my Jordan Hydro  shoe box... How much can I sell it for? There's a lot of collectors on NikeTalk, you never know what a collector is looking for.
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