Is this car website legit vol. Unbelievable prices...

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I absolutely agree with both of you guys which is why I haven't made a purcahse. I was just curious as to what my fellow NT Fam felt about this particular website...

***EDIT*** cincy - So yay or nay?
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Would also really like to know details on this?

I have a hard time believing that this is true only for the fact that these prices are ridiculous. But i am currently in the market for a new car and on the 2% chance this is true couldn't hurt to inquire about some of these
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It's a scam. Save yourself some heartache and go local. Someone somewhere in your town really needs the money, and you really need their car.
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US $6,523

Price: US $6,293
Mileage: 77,681

Price: US $6,298
Mileage: 81,000

Price: US $8,098
Mileage: 65,731

Price: US $11,600

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Light your money on fire instead. You'll get more out of it than sending it to these people.
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Yea, it has to be fake due to the following below

2008 Dodge Magnum
Price: US $5,263
Mileage: 39,487

2008 Dodge Charger SE
Price: US $5,578
Mileage: 51,887

2008 Chrysler 300 LX
Price: US $5,848
Mileage: 38,748

2006 Chrysler 300 SRT-8
Price: US $9,872
Mileage: 37,983
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If it was a legit website that was actually what you pay for the car why wouldn't everyone be doing this? Prob just take your money and never ship the car or something.
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Lol if you google it there is a yahoo answers thread about it. Apparently they just steal your money. SCAM!

There is a real dealership in Georgia apparently by this name and if you call the number the real dealership will tell you its fake and don't buy from them.
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from another mb talking about the same site under a different name

I am writing to you because I am a victim of online fraud. I would like to share my story with you. In return I am asking that you will make the public aware of fraudulent businesses and if at all possible please help me resolve this situation. I have been searching for a vehicle for about a month now. I decided to look online to see if I can find a good deal on a decent used vehicle. I came across a website I start browsing and I am saying to myself wow what great deals. They have live chat so I start speaking to Gregory Pruitt (Customer Service Rep) I found the vehicle that I am interested in a 2006 Chevrolet Uplander LS Extended. I decided that this is what I wanted. So before purchasing it I ran the Carfax report, I looked the business up on the Better Business Bureau and I ran their credit report from The owner of the company is Enrique Ortega and they are suppose to have an annual sales of $1-2.5 million dollars. I figured that the business was legitimate so I decided to make the purchase. Mr. Pruitt chatted with me and told me that they only accepted moneygrams. He said the information is available on their website so I go to Wal-Mart on 02-06-2010 and make the transaction. The selling price for the Uplander was $3,100.00 plus a $160.00 transport fee and Wal-Mart’s fee for the transaction bringing the total cost to $3,424.00. I was told to send the money in the name of Gregory Preston. I questioned this and Mr. Pruitt stated that this was a legal tactic to avoid sales tax and he said that the information was posted on their website. I chatted with Mr. Pruitt again on Monday and he said that the vehicle would be shipped that evening. I have not received the vehicle and they will not return my emails and their phone number has been conveniently disconnected. I go to the Iredell County Sheriff’s office to file a complaint. They told me since the transaction took place in Miami then I would need to call them. I called the Miami Dade Police Department and I was given the number to their fraud department. I called it and the female officer was extremely rude and stated that I could not prove fraud since I didn’t know where the money was picked up at. I have never been treated so cold. She made me feel like I was the criminal and she let me know that they could not help me. I started crying because I felt like no one cared or would help me. So I called the Iredell County Sheriff Department and they were very supportive. They stated that they will assist me anyway that they could. I would like to commend the Iredell County Sheriff’s Department for being so helpful. I would also like to say there is no place like North Carolina. I have lived here my entire life and this is my home and I give thanks to God for allowing me to live here instead of a state like Florida
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just checked the kbb private party prices on that uplander and even taking a guess of 50,000 miles and good condition, its right at 9400 dollars. now why the heck would someone be selling it for $3100???

I swear some people deserve to get scammed as weird as that sounds
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Originally Posted by WallyHopp

just checked the kbb private party prices on that uplander and even taking a guess of 50,000 miles and good condition, its right at 9400 dollars. now why the heck would someone be selling it for $3100???

I swear some people deserve to get scammed as weird as that sounds
I can't think of I "nicer" way to say it, but it's the truth. If you don't do your due diligence in researching the seller, the car history,etc then expect to be burned.
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Originally Posted by therenegade23

When it comes to cars, you gotta check it out in person.
word...with prices like the ones listed i would be taking a flight to pick up my car
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