Is this the reason why lebrons cheek is hulked up?

Joined Jan 26, 2009 lol probably why he left the game in disrespect. i dont care, dats still ignorant
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I always kept looking at his jaw the whole season like, "did it always look so POINTY like that???"...

Guess that explains it.
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HGH Injections Injections are basically where synthetic HGH is injected into the body two or three times a day.

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Another issue with these injections is that insurance companies do not cover the costs. They can only be obtained through prescription and cannot be sold over-the-counter.

Another important fact that you should understand is that anything synthetic that goes into the body can have adverse side effects. All these issues make the option of injections less viable.

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A known side effect of hgh is that it can one body part grow larger than the other and an enlarged cheek(or anything for the matter) is very possible, buthonestly I will not say LeBron is on any performance enhancing drugs unless he is caught.
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I been noticing that over the year and half or so as well. I've joked about this in other threads saying his jawline looked like Hellboy's and hismouth looked Hulk-a-riffic or whatever, but damn. Who knows if it's due to HGH or any of that.
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lebron didnt shake hands with doctor afterwards, dude didnt like how you got knocked out...with anasthesia
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