Is Universal Studios worth the price of admission?

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So I'm going on my yearly Disneyland trip with my girl. She suggestion we go to Universal as well, and I haven't gone to USH in at least 15 years. I always thought of it as a half day amusement park. With admission being 80 dollars, is it worth going to Universal?
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It isn't worth $80. You can ride all the rides and go through wtv show or walk thrus they have in maybe 4-5 hours. If you love Universal Movies that much it is worth it. Otherwise I would say kept that $160 and go do something else with her that day.
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$80 ?!?! Where are you seeing this price I've never paid more than $40 . its cool but not worth $80. Its really cool if you actually know all the movies that were filmed there
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If you cop the buy-a-day-get-a-year-free pass, it might make up for the $80 cover.

Go for HHN, for sure. Pick 1 more other time of the year and your $80 yearly pass will be well-spent.
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If possible, try getting them (or have someone get them for you) from a college. When I used to attend CSUN they sold 'em for $69 (it was that "buy a day get the rest of the year free" deal too).
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You can find ways to pay less than $80. I would never pay $80 for Universal.
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i go for halloween horror nights and thats worth it
me and my sister have gone for the past 2 years
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I'll be in LA next week and would like to go to Universal Studio's... Can someone give me a heads up of where to purchase tickets below the $80 admission price? 

Thanks in advance...
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I rather you go to knotts better rides and cheaper than US . US close early Too . I have a year pass only been there like 2 times. Disneyland is like 2 miles away from knotts too.
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