It Is Time To Quit Smoking VOL. Don't Die Over Cigs

Joined Feb 7, 2009
Whats up NT, I have been smoking cigs. for about 2 years. I know it does not top some of you guys who are on 5-10 years whatever but i decided its time toquit. i smoke maybe a pack every 2.5 days which is not bad from my pack a day before. things need to change. it affects my health(obviously), weight gain, mybreathing, my appeal to people, my teeth, my gums, my lungs. i'm sure you guys know that. but the point of this thread is to: GIVE ADVICE, TIPS, METHODS,PICTURES TO GET YOU TO STOP SMOKING, VIDEOS, ETC. hit people with the real. i'm about 27 hours with no smoke now. i want to change it to forever.
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dude you can do it man. you gotta try and do other things instead of smoking a stoge. i know for me when i use to smoke, i already knew that day when i instead of smoking id either listen to music and roc to it or read a book(right before class) do something. most people call it a 3 day hump where it getseasier..... it doesnt. but making reachable goal's is good for momentum

goodluck, its gunna be hard
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Idk how people like smokin cigs. It only gives you a nice buzz when you smoke em in the morning I hear, so I don't see why people even start smokingthem which leads to addiction.

Atleast when you smoke that dro you get bloooowed.
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quit smokin bud about 10-11 days ago and feel GREAT! word to tony tha tiger

not that I dont think about relapsing lol... but...

I do get more things done, feel like I have energy, spend time with my family (not worried if they think I just got hi), not worried about getting pulled bycops, not spending money on green, nailing job interviews, and just overall accomplishing more.

I smoke an occasional REAL cigar here and there but thats about it, just copped a XIKAR lighter today


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My advice is to pick up working out as a hobby. It'll help you stop doing counter productive things like smoking.


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I never got the point of smoking. You're paying for a carcinogenic product. Being able to resist peer pressure FTW.
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Originally Posted by quik1987

My advice is to pick up working out as a hobby. It'll help you stop doing counter productive things like smoking.

that is also one of the main reasons. getting buffer>dying any day of the week
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It's good that you quit now, two years is just a lil' bit. I'm needing to quit, been smoking for almost 13 years off and on. Not a chain smoker,but it adds up. Good luck my yout!!
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my sup @ work now has emphysema (after 30+ years of smoking). the doctors told him NOT to stop smoking. its so sad b/c every time he coughs its seems like hescoughing up a lung, he stops dead in his tracks, heaves and clutches his chest. it sounds awful.
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i smoked cigs for about 3 years. I tried everything to quit:gum, I felt guilty b/c my grandma died of lung cancer, my mom even kicked me out the house. None ofthat worked b/c I was trying to quit for everyone else and I really did not want to quit.

eventually I quit cold turkey, and still hung out with all my friends who smoke. I think the key to quitting smoking is wanted to quit. Whatever your reason isremember it. If you really want to quit you dont need any patches/gum/etc. I personally quit b/c I started getting serious in working out, and just could notbreath....if your trying to quit for others it wont work.

Remember your reason for quitting and stick by it on the days you are craving a cig.
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Thinking about quitting too... I smoke about 5 cigs a day. Sometimes less, sometimes more.

Can't seem to find the motivation though.
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I'm glad I never got into smoking cigarettes, I even stopped smoking weed because I heard it kills brain cells. Neither of the 2 are worth it in myopinion.
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yeah i'm in college and smoking seems like a necessary. Smoke on the way to school, smoke before/after 1st class, 2nd calss, 3rd class, 4th class. thenusually at night is where i drink and you all know how that goes. also i have super family problems and girl problems and anger issues, its going to be a bumpyroad to quitting but others say they are willing to help me no matter what. my reason is for myself. i get winded going up stairs. i used to be an athlete andbefore i could do anything. now i'm drawn back. SMH. all in all smoking is a really bad habit. and i know this. it is sad that i am 19 and already amaddicted and TRUST ME you will get addicted because i thought i couldnt. but its true. my girl hates it, my friends hate it but it's to the point wherethey dont even notice it anymore. its horrible. but i am going the COLD TURKEY route. gum/patches or anything else couldnt help before. thanks for support andto all i hope you quit with me. lets get it.
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I'm trying to quit as well (been smoking since I was 14....I'm now 21)

I have a baby on the way and I want to see them grow up

Just have something (even if it's not dying lol) to motivate you!

It helps!
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Originally Posted by ConcordeFliteSchool

one day @ a time.
yeah you gotta take it one day at a time, think of it this way. dont be like oh i havent had one in how many days now, just be like hey i can go a day withoutone, and then once the next day starts tell your

self the same thing, its just one day
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I smoke maybe 1-2 cigs/day. I think I'm going to do the workout idea--when I'm at home. I'm not sure what to do if I get stressed at work/school.That's what I use it for, to calm myself down.
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