It's 2011 and dude still try to front an act like they don't....Vol. Put ya face in it

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Originally Posted by JewSeeJay

nah son... cold sores r notta good look

only w/ wifey
S!!!s are frightening huh? lol
get a lil pimple (hair bump) near my lip and im flippin out.
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Ehh.. If were not dating, it's RARE... And I do mean RAAAARE that I'll do that #%*@... The older I get, the more reluctant I am to do it outside a relationship...
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Used to give out mustache rides every time I had sex. Got my first cold sore and had to stop that. Now I only do it in a relationship
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Originally Posted by illmaticsoulchild

Don't ask me no damn question like that, I ain't never had no pumpkin pie. Kick it!


the comments are so bizarre to me...

i don't know how to put into words why...
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I've only done it to 2 people in my life and it definitely make the situation so much more intense.
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