It's friday night. What are you drinking? Vol. TGIF

Joined Oct 26, 2009

It's friday
. Time to get this weekend started. After a long week of work and school i'm feeling Vodka to switch it up from the usual bourbons and beer.

Today I ask you.. What you sippin' on tn NT?
Joined Apr 14, 2007
got a 5th of henny black in the trunk and sippin on a half pint of regular henny as we speak
Joined Jun 13, 2006
YO! ^ I'm trying to hit a spot & cop some OG Diddy's tonight. Push up on this dame I used to mack from last summer... but it's OD raining. Side jump ain't really worth driving in Hurricane Hugo 2.0 for.
Joined Oct 6, 2003
I prefer green over brown or clear but I did find a bottle of Malibu in the freezer
I like foofoo drinks though, I need some grenadine and a blender. We've been meaning to stock some liquor but eh. might as well buy top shelf since we're not heavy drinkers but we don't have the funds for that as of late
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