J Kwon- Pushing The Odds (Pusha T & Odd Future Diss)

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i am on my phone so i can't listen, but i am excite

haven't heard from this dude for a whileee aha. not a fan though
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Lmao I thought the title said "featuring Future and Pusha T" I was about to say that's a good look for him
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I was just about to post this :rofl:

One of my friends told me a couple years ago (maybe 2010 or 2011) he saw J-Kwon at a club in St. Louis. Mentioned he had a dirty white tee on and rocking a So-So Def chain. Said he was very giddy that somebody recognized him and gave him some mixtape or something, I think 'Hood Hop 2.5' :lol:

Shocked that this song isn't that bad
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:smh: they woke the beast............ No but how does somebody even come up on a j Kwon diss? What blogs do you visit? Lol

ice city fc

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Wasn't he homeless smoking rocks just a couple years ago?

If he's making music again it can only be a good thing.
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