Jadakiss(Ruff Ryders) vs. Beanie Sigel(Da Roc) vol: Who WOn

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Beans may have truely won but imma just say kiss for the hell of it cuz all i can remember is him rapping ova a disco beat
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Originally Posted by gunnascott

Does anybody know of a mixtape that is strictly material from these 2 at the time
I think it may be a P-Cutta mixtape, street wars or somethinkg like that.
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"N_ dig this, bout to son Kiss like a soda"

"I got a hundred n_, hundred gauge
Rain on you for a hundred nights, hundred days
F a million man march, let a million men spark
Got a million men with heart
Yeah n_ f ya piece
Mfer can’t duck the beast
What made your stupid !*% n_ wanna f with Sieg?"


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great battles man. Crazy to think jada is on the roc now and beans is dissin jay man things done changed
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Didnt we just have this convo?

Beans got Jada on this, but collectively D-Block went in.

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i think it was a TIE

idk, after hearing both disses its kinda hard to say who went off... they both did their thing. Beans on stage performance was OD! but Jada on the disco beat was sick too. Beans may have clipped him but in all fairness and overexertion maybe it was TIED just maybe with Beans inching closer to the W
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This was one of my favorite beefs ever, if nothing else because it took place before the realignment of the forums on NikeTalk.  I remember the mods having to tell people to stop making so many threads on the topic, because there were at least two Jada vs. Beans threads on the front page everyday that summer.
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