JAEizzle Collection !

wat size u wear? im 17 too and i kno my feet jus recently stopped growin. to be safe i started collecting a couple months ago.... im only at like 20 pairs or so.
nice SBs man.
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no offense, but when i read that you were 17 i was thinking o great im gonna see another typical seventeen year old's collection full of new jordans and sbs (again, no offense to the 17 year olds) but you have a lot of dope stuff. drurys, stash, infrareds, neon 95s, jedis. very impressive. good times
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nice :pimp:

on the real tho warriors suck
very nice collection

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nice mars. need to get a pair for myself
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algiers 1.5 ya heard me!
Never should have sold my Tiffs... Nice collection, very well balanced.
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thats pretty @#%$ good for 17. I had like maybe 4 pairs at that age lol
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