Jamie Foxx Offers To Portray Mike Tyson In Biopic

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With the new documentary Tyson getting great reviews, a biopic on the infamous boxer Mike Tyson could be in the works. If that isthe case, Jamie Foxx is willing to take on the role, in the same way he did with Ray Charles.

"I think I would have to play Mike Tyson. I've talked to Mike several timesand his story is the most tragic American story," the singer told WENN this week.

"Mike's story is about what America and the world is about today...Coming up at 18-years-old and getting his$60 million and not teaching him what taxes are about, about vultures, about people who will never be real with you as long as you have the money."

With this goal in mind, Foxx has already started making moves.

"I'm working on securing the rights to the movie," he added.

Aside from the aforementioned film Ray, Foxx has also played Stanley"Tookie" Williams,Curtis Taylor Jr. and is currently playing the role of Nathaniel Ayers in The Soloist.

2010 will see Foxx alongside Regina Hall and Gerard Butler in Law Abiding Citizen, and his new discIntuition is currently in stores.
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I can see him playing Tyson. Matter of fact, he's the person that came to mind if they were to do a biopic ofhim.


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Jamie Foxx gettin ripped then donning a fat suit later in the movie? I'm all for it

Tyson's the homie though
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Originally Posted by Mangudai954

If he's be hitting the weights hard maybe.

If skinny Will Smith can play Ali, Jamie Foxx can definitely play Iron Mike. These guys and their crazy Hollywood trainers can put on massive muscle mass (notstrength lol)..


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He was talking about it on Leno awhile back, i believe he can pull it off and i hope it happens


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i can see the resemblance but he gotta get his weight up...literally
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Originally Posted by Mangudai954

If he's been hitting the weights hard maybe.
dude, its Jamie Foxx. Dude has been built forever. that's the least of his worries.

"I wanna eat your children" - Iron Mike
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Originally Posted by SylvesterMcGrizzly

he tooo small...he gonna have to put on like 30-40 pounds of muscle.....i doubt he can do that
CGI would have to be used heavily. Or steroids.
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Jamie could definitely do this he is the only one that comes to my mind when i think about a biopic about Tyson. I just hope that he doesn't mess this upbecause this could be epic
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Jamie impersonated him enough on the Jamie Foxx show, so he's got some good practice haha. I'd love to see this if it ever came to fruition.
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Originally Posted by Matt Barkley Heisman Number 8

didnt he do some sketches as tyson back on in living color?
i think Keenan played Mike.....but Jamie Foxx played Don King
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