JamSkating? Some of the Illest stuff I've ever seen!

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Originally Posted by hymen man

We can tell you can't dance.

OP, thanks for trying to educate NT. I've never done it before, but it's
to see some of those kids going in on the first video -- especially to the jams we (I) used to listen to "back in the day". As bad as the 80's are portrayed sometimes, the underground culture was very influential for a lot of youths. Glad to see youth getting into something fun and creative like this instead of sitting in front of a TV all day.
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posting for later.

i know what jam skating is, but I cant see the videos from work...

Roller skating is one of my favorite past times.
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What's ill is being able to do that without skates and still make it look like you're rolling around on 'em.

Pretty cool though, can't front.
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I'm sorry but I can't go... never been a "dancy" %#$ negro or the roller skate type... this ain't my cup of tea. I'd be the guy standing with the other guys pointing and snickering at the dude that just did a pirouette in a Avirex jacket and some Maurice Malone joints (cuz I always picture skaters and/or dancing !+! negros in clothes from 2001... Ionno why... its funnier?)... That's assuming I found a reason to be anywhere near a roller rink for any reason other than a Flocka concert
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